Are There Anytruths In Superfoods Being Especially Beneficial To Patients Who Have Had A Heart Attack Or Who Have Coronary Heart Disease

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No. There is no reliable evidence that any of the foods written about in the papers or magazines have any special benefits to people who have had a heart attack or who have coronary heart disease.

Nevertheless, it is intuitively better to eat fresh fruit than a hamburger. There is also no evidence that any vitamin or folic acid prevents heart attacks.

Most people stay off work for around six weeks but this depends on the patient, what their condition is like and if they had any important complications and what type of work they do.

Patients should return to work as soon as they feel able. If they have a heavy manual job, then it may be up to six weeks before they have regained enough strength to know whether they will be fit enough to go back to doing the same job, or whether a less physical job would be better.

Psychologically many people feel that they should take some time off work after a heart attack. This can be useful to allow them to adjust their priorities. But leaving it too long is not a good idea.

When there has been a lot of heart muscle damage and patients get breathless walking just a few yards on flat ground, then returning to work may not be a good option. Patients might need more tests or treatment.

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