Is High Cholesterol And Other Risk Factors Often Due To Lifestyle

People with a high cholesterol level are often overweight because they eat too much fat and other unhealthy food, drink too much alcohol, and do little if any regular exercise. Because of all these factors, they often have or develop diabetes. Therefore, they have not only high cholesterol as a risk factor, but also, obesity, inactivity, and diabetes. If they also smoke, they are at particularly high risk. All of these risk factors can be tackled with determination, hard work, and self-control.

Can We Get Rid Of Coronary Heart Disease

Once fat has been deposited inside an artery it cannot be removed completely. Modern treatments, such as the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, combined with a low-fat diet and vigorous daily exercise, may help reduce the amount of fat inside the artery. Statins which can now be bought, like aspirin, over the counter reduce the cholesterol level, reduce the inflammation in the arteries, and convert a lump of soft, inflammed fat which is likely to crack an unstable fatty plaque into...