Notes x Questions for Review

1. Define the terms zygospore, sporangiophore, and columella.

2. Define the terms hypha, mycelium, and saprophyte.

3. The Phycomycetes do not form cross walls and, therefore, are

4. One subclass of the Phycomycetes is the Zygomycetes. Black bread mold is an example. Give its scientific name and describe its methods of reproduction.

5. The water mold Saprolegnia is representative of the subclass Oomycetes. Describe its asexual and sexual methods of reproduction.

6. What is the name of a fungus that infects mustard-family plants? What does it disperse in its asexual reproduction, and what do these break open to release?

7. Name the fungus that caused the Great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840s.

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