Notes Questions for Review

1. Define each of the following terms: hybrid, genotype, phenotype, homozygous, and heterozygous.

2. List the four laws cited by Gregor Mendel.

3. Show the progeny of a cross between AABB and AaBb.

4. What phenotypes result from a cross between aaBb and AABb?

5. Relate some of the so-called laws proposed by Jean Lamarck. For what concept is he remembered?

6. Define the terms somatoplasm and germ plasm.

7. Gregor Mendel is said to have been lucky in the choosing of traits to study for inheritance. Explain why.

8. Illustrate a cross between a heterozygous round-seeded pea and a homozygous round-seeded pea.

9. Define the term mutation. How may it be significant? Who introduced the concept?

10. Define the terms pleiotropy, linkage, and back cross.

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