Notes Questions for Review

1. How is ethylene gas used commercially?

2. How do hormones differ from enzymes?

3. Define the term photoperiodism. Give some examples of plants whose flowering is dependent on photoperiod.

4. Describe an experiment performed on grass seedlings that showed the bending of the stem tip toward light. Give evidence that this behavior is traceable to a hormone.

5. What is a general name for the hormone referred to in question number 4? Where is it produced? When it was isolated and its chemical structure determined, it was shown to be _ _

6. The hormone referred to in questions number 4 and 5 has its effect by causing the__to soften.

7. Ripening fruits produce ethylene gas. If a fruit is injured, what happens to the ethylene production?

8. Gibberellin was first isolated from a fungus called _

9. In tissue culture, a mass of undifferentiated cells is called a

_; this tissue may undergo differentiation to produce an entire plant.

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