The author wishes to thank Dr. Knut Norstog, formerly editor of the American Journal of Botany, first, for his friendship, and second, for helping to put in clear language some comments regarding the origin of seed plants. The author also wishes to express appreciation to the following, all at Delmar Publishers: Cathy Esperti, acquisitions editor, for fine-tuning the manuscript; Wendy Troeger, who worked on art and book manufacturing; and Maura Theriault and Suzanne Fronk, for their work in marketing. Appreciation is also expressed to those other professionals at Delmar Publishers who aided this work without even making themselves known, and to Thomas J. Gagliano, Gagliano Graphics, Albuquerque, New Mexico for the illustrations. Finally, the author wishes to thank the following reviewers, who provided constructive comments and input:

Cheryl Carney

Iowa Lakes Community College

Alan Smith

University of Minnesota

Connie Fox

Tarleton State University be

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