Preface vii

List of Contributors xiii

I Introduction

1 Antibiotic Resistance and Implications for the Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents Andrea L. Benin and Scott F. Dowell 3

II Significant Pathogens

2 Gram-Positive Bacteria

Thomas S. Stalder and Laurel C. Preheim 29

3 Gram-Negative Bacteria

Robert P. Rapp and Kenneth E. Record 43

4 Viruses

Gregory S. Felzien and Edwin A. Brown 6l

5 Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency


Frank Romanelli and Claire Pomeroy S5

6 Fungal Infections

Claire Pomeroy and Norman L. Goodman lOl

III Management of Infectious Diseases

7 Upper Respiratory Infections and Acute Bronchitis

Arch G. Mainous III and William J. Hueston l2?

8 Diagnosis and Management of Pneumonia

Sundar Natarajan and Kimberly Rakes l43

9 Tuberculosis

Martin E. Evans l5?

10 Current Cost-Effective Management of Urinary Tract Infections

James R. Johnson l7l x Contents

11 Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Alice C. Thornton, David Adkins, and Janet Arno 185

12 Gastrointestinal Tract Infections

Laurie Haas and Luis Marsano 217

13 Endocarditis

Lena Daghestani 239

14 Infections of the Central Nervous System

Avi Nath and Joseph Berger 253

15 Common Infections of the Skin and Bone

Peter J. Carek and Jonathan Sack 273

IV Special Considerations

16 Strategies for Optimal Antimicrobial Use

Lori M. Dickerson and Arch G. Mainous III 291

17 Antimicrobial Resistant Flora in the Hospital

Bruce S. Ribner 307

18 Infections in the Immunocompromised Host

Vicki A. Morrison 315

19 Future Trends in Antimicrobial Use

Arch G. Mainous III and Claire Pomeroy 331

Index 341

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