Genescanning is a capillary electrophoresis system that allows for automated, high-throughput fragment analysis. The principal of the detection system is that primers are 5' labeled with fluorescence dyes that fluoresce when excited with an argon laser. The emitted fluorescence is then collected on a CCD camera and may be compared with control fragments of known length (Rox molecular weight marker). The detection cell supports the identification of five fluorescent dyes. We use the dyes 6-FAM (blue), HEX (green), and NED (yellow).

1. ABI PRISM 3100 Genetic Analyser for Gene Scanning (ABI).

2. Fluorescent-labeled primer (available from In Vivo Scribe).

3. GeneScan software (ABI).

4. HiDi formamide Rox 400 HD molecular weight marker (ABI). 3. Methods

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