Endo Gia Stapler

Endo Gia Stapler
Fig. 3.19. Endo GIA™ Universal Stapling System.

surgical staplers have been the technological driving force in LGB. An important advance in this area has been the introduction of smaller staples, 2.0mm, for many vascular applications. The vascular staplers with 2.5mm staples were originally designed for large dissected vessels such as pulmonary vessels. The need for vascular staples in LGB is far different. Vessels encountered in the division of small bowel mesentery and in mobilizing the stomach are small by comparison to pulmonary vessels. As a result 2.0mm staples were developed for these applications.

In the 1990s, only a limited number of surgeons used Laparoscopic staplers to perform intra-corporal gastro-intestinal anastomosis. They had developed techniques that often required multiple intra-luminal applications and did not have the ease of open surgery. The Endo GIA™ Universal stapling system, utilizes a completely new technology and allows surgeons to perform laparoscopic transection and anastomosis using stapling techniques similar to open surgery. A cost effective and practical device, this stapling system fires fixed or Roticulator™ loading units of three linear lengths, 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm (Fig. 3.19). For the needs of laparoscopic bariatric surgery, the Endo GIA Universal™ XL is ten centimeters longer than the standard stapler. This enables better access to the surgical site in patients with extremely thick abdominal walls (Fig. 3.20). Earlier 60mm laparoscopic linear cutting staplers

Endo Gia Universal Roticulator
Fig. 3.21. Tissue gap control mechanism.
Dorsalis Pedis Bypass

Fig. 3.22. Firing concept similar to low gearing concept.

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