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Chlorella Chocolate

Chlorella spp. Theobroma cacao

Chrysanthemum indicum (see Indian chrysanthemum)


Cinquefoil (Eurasian) Club moss





Cornsilk Corydalis


Cranberry Creosote bush



Dahurian angelica Damiana


Deadly nightshade

Devil's claw

Cinchona spp. Potentilla erecta Lycopodium clavatum

Erythroxylon coca

Cola nitida, C. acuminata

Coleus forskolii

Cordyceps sinensis

Zea mays

Corydalis turtschaninovii

Gossypium spp.

Vaccinium oxycoccum Larrea divaricata

Piper cubeba

Cynanchum spp.

Angelica dahurica Turnera diffusa

Taraxacum sp. aff.

Atropa belladonna

Harpagophytum procumbens

Di-huang (see Rehmannia)

Dogbane, bitter Apocynum androsaemifolium

Dogbane, venetian

Apocynum venetium

Green algae that boost the immune system, relieve constipation, and can remove heavy metals from food

Seed extracts are good source of L-arginine and magnesium and are believed (when combined with other chocolate constituents) to elevate serotonin levels; chocolate also contains theobromin (somewhat similar to caffeine in action) and phenylethylene, which are believed to produce sustained elevation of mood (Note: These attributes pertain primarily to chocolate that does not have milk, sugar, or other products added to it)

Bark yields quinine drugs used in treating malaria Dried rhizome used to control diarrhea

Spores dusted on wounds or inhaled by Native Americans to arrest nosebleeds

Cocaine from leaves used as a local anesthetic; South American laborers use it as a stimulant

Seeds contain up to 3.5% caffeine and 1% theobromine, which may lessen fatigue

Plant extracts used in treatment of hypertension, allergies, glaucoma, and psoriasis

This fungus, which parasitizes caterpillars, apparently alleviates respiratory problems and elevates phagocyte action Cornsilk extracts used for centuries as a diuretic One isolate of several produced by the plant has multiple anti-inflammatory and calming effects; it has been used to relieve joint pain (Note: This plant also produces poisonous alkaloids) Cotton root "bark" used by black slaves and Native Americans to induce abortions

Fruit juice drunk to treat female yeast infections

Decoction from leaves used as a cure-all by Native Americans but especially for respiratory problems

Dried fruit best known as a condiment but is also used in treatment of asthma

Plant extracts of these relatives of milkweeds are said to reduce mucous congestion of the lungs

Plant extracts used to treat allergy symptoms

Dried leaves used for minor pain, as a laxative, a flavoring for a liqueur, and as a sexual stimulant; also said to improve blood circulation Root extracts said to stimulate the liver and facilitate its natural functioning in detoxification

Belladonna, a drug complex extracted from leaves, contains the drugs atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine; these are used as an opium antidote, for shock treatments, and for dilation of pupils; scopolamine is also used as a tranquilizer and for "twilight sleep" in childbirth Tuber extracts reported to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties

Roots boiled in water and resulting liquid used as a heart medication

(contains a drug similar in action to digitalis)

Leaves smoked for bronchitis relief; extracts lower blood pressure

Useful and Poisonous Plants, Fungi, an d A! gae

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