Telophase II

The main features of telophase II are as follows: (1) The coils of the chromatids (now called chromosomes again) relax so that the chromosomes become longer and thinner. (2) New nuclear envelopes and nucleoli reappear for each group of chromosomes (see Figs. 12.2 and 12.4I).

This phase is accompanied by the formation of new cell walls between each of the four groups of chromosomes. The set of chromosomes present in each of the four cells formed by the end of telophase II constitutes half the original number, and if crossing-over and exchange of material between chro-matids have occurred, none of the four cells will have exactly the same combination of DNA. In many organisms, these four cells are called meiospores; they develop into various structures or bodies from which gametes are produced by mitosis.

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