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Figure 24.25 Grass flowers. A. An expanded grass spikelet. B. An enlargement of a single flower (floret).

Sugar Cane Planters
Figure 24.26 Sugar cane plants.

solids being crystalized into table sugar. The dark remnant (molasses) may be used to produce rum or alcohol. The solid waste is sometimes made into paper or particle board, and also has been converted to gasoline in South Africa. In Hawaii, the waste is used in the production of electric power.

Grasses have been used widely by primitive peoples for making mats and baskets and for thatching huts. Some varieties of sorghum are grown for their fibers, which are made into brooms, although natural broom fiber now has been replaced to a considerable extent by synthetic materials. Some varieties are grown for the seeds, which are processed into cereal flours. Others are a source of silage and a carnauba-like wax. Citronella oil, once a common ingredient of mosquito repellents, is obtained from a grass grown in Indonesia. It is now used in cheaper soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes. Related grasses are the source of lemon grass oil, used for the same purposes as citronella oil.

Juice squeezed from fresh, young grass mowings has a high protein content and is being investigated as a source of protein for future human consumption.

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