Sexual Reproduction

In sexual reproduction, archegonia and antheridia are produced in rows just beneath the upper surfaces of the gametophytes. Like both mosses and liverworts, some species of hornworts have unisexual plants, while other species are bisexual.

The distinctive sporophytes of hornworts have numerous stomata. They have no setae (stalks) and look like tiny green broom handles or horns rising through a basal sheath from a foot beneath the surface of the thallus (Fig. 20.9). A meristem above the foot continually increases the length of the sporophyte from the base when conditions are favorable. As growth occurs, sporocytes surrounding a central rodlike axis in the sporophyte undergo meiosis, producing spores. Diploid elaters similar to those of liverworts are intermingled

Introduction to the Plant Kingd om: Bryophytes 389

Tlr And Lupid Raft

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