Scientific Name

Bedstraw Bee, honey Beech, American Beefsteak morel Beet, garden Beet, sugar


Beetle, scarab Begonia

Belladonna, source of

Bermuda grass

Betel nut

Betony, wood

Bigleaf maple (Fig. 8.20)

Big tree


Bird's-nest fungus

(Fig. 19.23) Birth control pills, fungi used in manufacture of Bison

Bittersweet Blackberry

Blackbird Black bread mold Black locust

Black stem rust of wheat Bladderwort

Blazing star Bleeding, ground pine used to arrest Bleeding heart Bleeding heart, eastern Bleeding heart, Pacific Bloodroot

Galium spp. Apis mellifera Fagus grandifolia Helvella sp. Beta vulgaris

Beta vulgaris (horticulturally selected strains) member of Order Coleoptera, Class Insecta, Phylum Arthropoda, Kingdom Animalia member of Family Scarabaeidae—see Beetle Begonia spp. Atropa belladonna Cynodon dactylon Areca catechu Pedicularis canadensis Acer macrophyllum Sequoiadendron giganteum Betula papyrifera and others

Crucibulum levis

Rhizopus nigricans, R. arrhizus

Bison bison

Celastrus scandens

Rubus argutus, R. laciniatus,

R. procerus, R. ursinus, and others

Euphagus spp. and others Rhizopus stolonifer and others Robinia pseudo-acacia Puccinia graminis Utricularia minor and other Utricularia spp. Liatris ligulistylis

Lycopodium clavatum Dicentra spp. Dicentra eximia Dicentra formosa Sanguinaria canadensis, S. isabellinus

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