Scientific Name

Fungus, bracket

(Fig. 19.21) Fungus, bracket/shelf Fungus, downy mildew of grape Fungus, "foolish seedling"

(of rice) Fungus used in Beadle & Tatum genetic experiments Fungus, jelly

Fungus, kidney bean leaf (production of fungal inhibitors stimulator) Fungus, miso Fungus, causal agent of

Panama disease (of bananas) Fungus used in producing plastics Fungus, sac (Fig. 19.7) Fungus, tempeh Fungus used in r manufacturing toothpaste Fungus, white piedra Fungus used in manufacturing yellow food-coloring agent Funori, source of Fur, green algae that inhabit animal Gentian, source of Geranium Geranium Family Gila monster Ginger

Ginseng, source of Giraffe

Gladiolia/Gladiolus Gloeocapsa Goat

Goldback fern Golden brown algae

Fomes sp. Grifola sulphurea

Plasmopora viticola

Gibberella fujikuroi

Neurosopora crassa Auricularia spp., Exidia spp., Tremella spp., and others

Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Aspergillus oryzae

Fusarium oxysporum

Aspergillus terreus Caloscypha fulgens Rhizopus oligosporus

Aspergillus nige Trichosporon beigeli

Golden chain tree



Blakeslea trispora Gloiopeltis spp.

Trentepohlia spp. Gentiana spp.

Geranium spp., Pelargonium spp. Geraniaceae Heloderma suspectum Zingiber officinale and others Panax quinquefolium and others Giraffa camelopardalis Gladiolus spp. Gloeocapsa spp. Capra spp.

Pentagramma triangularis members of Phylum Chromophyta, Kingdom Protista

Laburnum anagyroides Solidago spp. Hydrastis canadensis

Stern-Jansky-Bidlack: I Appendices I 1. Scientific Names of I I © The McGraw-Hill

Introductory Plant Biology, Organisms Mentioned in Companies, 2003

Ninth Edition the Text

Appendix 1

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