Review Questions

1. Why are fungi placed in a kingdom separate from pro-tists and bacteria?

2. How do the cells of fungi differ from those of other organisms?

3. What does coenocytic mean? To which groups of organisms does it apply?

4. What means of asexual reproduction do the fungi exhibit?

5. If you were looking at hyphae of a bread mold, a sac fungus, and a club fungus through a microscope, could you distinguish among the three? How?

6. Which fungi produce zoospores?

7. Define conidia, haustoria, zygosporangium, sporangio-phore, ascus, mycelium, ascoma, monokaryotic, dikary-otic, and clamp connection.

8. Is there any one best way to tell a poisonous mushroom from an edible one?

9. What is ergotism?

10. Discuss the human relevance of the sac fungi.

11. What is a spore print?

12. To which phylum of fungi do each of the following belong: truffles; puffballs; fungi involved with LSD; stinkhorns; peach leaf curl; late blight of potato; bird's-nest fungi; jelly fungi; downy mildew of grape; death angel; shelf, or bracket, fungi?

13. What is a fairy ring, and why does it form?

Chapter 19

14. How do rusts and smuts attack their hosts?

15. Under what conditions do commercially produced mushrooms grow best?

16. Why are some fungi referred to as being "imperfect"?

17. Discuss the economic importance of imperfect fungi.

18. What is the relationship between an alga and the fungus in a lichen?

19. What makes up the basic structure of a typical lichen?

20. How is it possible for lichens to live to such great ages?

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