Review Questions

1. What is the function of bud scales?

2. How can you tell the age of a twig?

3. Distinguish among procambium, vascular cambium, and cork cambium.

4. How can you tell, when you look at a cross section of a young stem, whether it is a dicot or a monocot?

5. What are laticifers?

6. An Irish or white potato is a stem, but a sweet potato is a root. How can you tell?

7. Distinguish among corms, bulbs, and tubers.

8. If you were examining the top of a wooden desk, how could you tell if the wood had been radially or tangen-tially cut (quartersawed or plain-sawed)?

9. What differences are there between heartwood and sapwood?

10. What is meant by the specific gravity of wood?

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