Phylum Charophyta The Stoneworts

Stoneworts (Fig. 18.26) are primarily aquatic organisms of shallow, freshwater lakes and ponds; they often precipitate calcium salts on their surfaces. They consist of an axis with short lateral branches in whorls, making them loosely resemble small horsetail plants (discussed in Chapter 21). A number of plant and algal scientists place them in their own phylum (Charophyta), but others consider them a class of green algae because of their pigmentation and a few other green algal features. Their sexual reproduction is oogamous, and, unlike the antheridia of the algae discussed to this point, those of stoneworts are multicellular. Other features of both

Charophyta Vegetative Reproduction
Figure 18.26 Chara, a stonewort.

their vegetative growth and reproduction are more complex than those of any of the green algae. Some botanists have considered them more closely related to mosses than to algae.

A comparative summary of the food reserves, chlorophylls, and flagella of the phyla of eukaryotic algae is given in Table 18.1.

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