n (en) having one set of chromosomes per cell (haploid) (p. 226) NAD (en-ay-dee) nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a molecule that during respiration temporarily accepts electrons whose negative charges are balanced by also accepting protons and thereby hydrogen atoms (p. 188) NADP (en-ay-dee-pee) nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, a high-energy storage molecule that temporarily accepts electrons from photosystem I in the light reactions of photosynthesis (p. 176, 180) nastic movement (nass'tik moov'mint) a nondirected movement of a flat organ (e.g., petal, leaf) in which the organ alternately bends up and down (p. 207) neutron (new'tron) an uncharged particle in the nucleus of an atom (p. 15) node (nohd) region of a stem where one or more leaves are attached (p. 55, 87) noncoding DNA (non-koh'ding dee-en-ay) DNA that does not code for a gene (p. 237)

nucellus (new-sel'us) ovule tissue within which an embryo sac develops (p. 422, 426)

nuclear envelope (new'klee-ur en'vuh-lohp) a porous double membrane enclosing a nucleus (p. 37) nucleic acid (new-klay'ik as'id) see DNA, RNA

nucleolus (pl. nucleoli) (new-klee'oh-luss; pl. new-klee'oh-ly) a somewhat spherical body within a nucleus; contains primarily RNA and protein; there may be more than one nucleolus per nucleus (p. 38)

nucleotide (new'klee-oh-tyd) the structural unit of DNA and RNA (p. 26, 232) nucleus (new'klee-uss) the organelle of a living cell that contains chromosomes and is essential to the regulation and control of all the cell's functions; also, the core of an atom (p. 15, 37) nut (nutt) one-seeded dry fruit with a hard, thick pericarp; a nut develops with a cup or cluster of bracts at the base (p. 140) nutrient (noo'tree-uhnt) a substance that furnishes the elements and energy for the organic molecules that are the building blocks from which an organism develops (p. 198)

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