Figure 23.17 A bat visiting a flower of an organ-pipe cactus. The bat's head is covered with pollen. (Photo by Donna J. Howell)

Fungi and bryophytes are usually dried and stored in small boxes or packets. Larger algae tend to have unique properties that lend themselves to preservation according to the

454 Chapter 23

anther with glutinous pollen mechanism 1

anther with glutinous pollen

stigma covered with pointed bumps; these brush sticky pollen from insect's head or back
pathway of insect

This flap yields to an insect's weight and returns to its original position when the insect is inside the pouchlike petal, thus forcing the insect to exit

\ through an opening in the center of the flower near the stigma and anthers.

pouchlike petal (cut to show interior)

anther pollinium stigma f?

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