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Call the McGraw-Hill Customer Service Department at 800-338-3987, or contact your local sales representative to obtain this valuable teaching aid. (ISBN 0-07-256589-6)


A set of 100 Transparencies is available to users of the text. These acetates include key figures from the text, including new art from this edition. (ISBN 0-07290943-9)

Classroom Testing Software

Available on a cross-platform CD-ROM, this test bank utilizes Brownstone Diploma© testing software to quickly create customized exams. This user-friendly program allows instructors to search for questions by topic, or format; edit existing questions or add new ones; and scramble questions and answer keys for multiple versions of the same test. (ISBN 0-07-290945-5)

Introductory Plant Biology Lab Manual

The laboratory manual that accompanies Introductory Plant Biology has been revised according to reviewer feedback. It is written for the student entering the study of botany for the first time. The exercises utilize plants to introduce biological principles and the scientific method. They are written to allow for maximum flexibility in sequencing. (ISBN 0-07-290946-3)

Online Learning Center -

The Online Learning Center that accompanies this text provides abundant resources for both instructor and student.

For each chapter of the textbook, students will have access to:

• Chapter Summaries

• Chapter Web links Correlated to each chapter of the ninth edition, these regularly updated URLs provide additional learning opportunities for research, writing papers, or tutorial purposes.

• Practice Quizzing Designed as a study aid, these chapter-by-chapter quizzes help students review text material and prepare for upcoming exams.

• Key Term Flash Cards Yet another great study tool that tests students' knowledge of important botany terms.

Additional resources available to students include:

• Global Botany Issues World Map Updated every six months, a world map is tagged with hot points that link to case studies and articles complete with photos, references back to the text, and additional links to appropriate Internet sites. Past issues are indexed in a convenient chart for easy access. Guide to Electronic Research Metric Equivalents and Conversions Tables Career Opportunities Animations How to Write a Paper Scientific Names of Organisms Biological Controls Useful Plants and Poisonous Plants House Plants and Home Gardening

As an instructor you'll receive complete access to all of the above plus:

• PowerPoint Lecture Notes/Art

• Answers to Discussion Questions

ie Learning Center



What a great way to get the information you need quickly and easily! For a nominal fee, students can access

PowerWeb for Botany. Here is what you will find:

• Botany articles from current magazines, newspapers, and journals

• Weekly updates of current issues

• Interactive exercises

• Web research tips

• An online library of updated research links to help you find the right information

• Up-to-the-minute headlines from around the world including course-specific and general news

• Online quizzing and assessment to measure your understanding of course material, and more!

For more information, visit


Botany PowerWeb Password Code Card (ISBN 0-07-



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