Needs acid fertilizer; avoid warm locations

Needs good air circulation, bright light

Hanging-basket cultivated variety sometimes sold as Panicum variegatum Easily propagated from leaves; repot regularly

See Bromeliad; tough plant that can tolerate some neglect

Sticky exudate on fruits attracts birds in the plant's native habitat of New Zealand; strictly a foliage plant in houses Can be grown outdoors in milder climates

Produces a spongelike mass of roots at base; requires much water and regular fertilizing

Annual climbing vine; grow from seed

Easily propagated

Needs regular watering and fertilizing

See Ferns for propagation notes

These plants absorb virtually all their water and nutrients through their leaves; they should not be placed in regular potting soil (regular potting soil usually kills them) nor should they be watered with high-calcium-content water; they produce offshoots that should be propagated as main plant dies after flowering

Stern-Jansky-Bidlack: I Appendices I 4. House Plants and Home I I © The McGraw-Hill

Introductory Plant Biology, Gardening Companies, 2003

Ninth Edition

House Plants and Home Gardening

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