Discussion Questions

1. Most wind-pollinated flowering plants have inconspicuous, nonfragrant flowers. How might nature be affected if all flowers were that way?

2. Do you believe the botanical distinction between fruits and vegetables is a good one? If not, how would you change it?

3. In discussing pomes, it was observed that the bulk of the flesh in an apple comes from the floral tube. What could you do to prove or disprove this?

4. Seed and fruit dispersal is achieved with the aid of wind, water, animals, mechanical means, and humans. If you were "designing" a new plant, can you think of any new way in which it might be dispersed?

5. When volcanic activity or coral polyps cause new islands to appear in the oceans, they eventually acquire some vegetation. Would you expect the types of dispersal mechanisms for the flowering plants on these islands to be the same as they were for ancient continents?

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  • harrison ferguson
    How might nature be affected if windpollinated plants have inconspicuous nonfragrant flowers?
    8 years ago
  • Daniel
    What can you prove or disprove about the bulk of the flesh in an apple comes from the floral tube?
    3 months ago

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