Discussion Questions

1. If the cambium of a tropical tree were active all year long, how would its wood differ from that of a typical temperate climate tree?

2. It was mentioned that a nail driven into the side of a tree will remain at exactly the same distance from the ground for the life of the tree. Why?

3. Do climbing plants have any advantages over erect plants? Any disadvantages?

4. If two leaves are removed from a plant and one is coated with petroleum jelly while the other is not, the uncoated leaf will shrivel considerably sooner than the coated one. Would it be helpful to coat the stems of young trees with petroleum jelly? Explain.

5. Suggest some reasons for heartwood being preferred to sapwood for making furniture.

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Economic and Ecological Importance of Angiosperms

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  • SAKU M
    Do climbing plants have advantages over erect plants?
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