Chapter Outline


Form, Metabolism, and

Reproduction Cyanobacteria, Chloroplasts, and Oxygen

Viral Reproduction Human Relevance of Viruses Viroids and Prions Summary

Human Relevance of the Cyanobacteria Class Prochlorobacteriae—The

Prochlorobacteria Kingdom Archaea—The Archaebacteria The Methane Bacteria The Salt Bacteria The Sulfolobus Bacteria Human Relevance of the Archaebacteria


Introduction Size and Structure Bacteriophages

Prion Plants

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Following an introduction involving luminescent bacteria associated with flashlight fish, the chapter gives an overview of the features of Kingdoms Bacteria and Archaea. A brief investigation of bacteria and their reproduction is followed by a discussion of true bacteria, with representatives and human relevance of heterotrophic and autotrophic true bacteria being surveyed. Sections on composting, disease transmission, bacterial diseases, and Koch's Postulates are included. Cyanobacteria and prochlorobacteria are explored next, and human relevance of cyanobacteria is examined. Archaebacteria are then discussed. The chapter concludes with an overview of the nature, reproduction, and human relevance of viruses, viroids, and prions.

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