Plants Acknowledgments

The valuable contributions of Drs. James Bidlack and Shelley Jansky in rewriting Chapters 3 and 10, and 13 and 14 respectively, are gratefully acknowledged. Dr. Martha Phillips' input on Chapter 25 was also much appreciated. All but two of the boxed readings are written by Dr. Daniel Scheirer, whose contributions continue to add value to the text. We also are very grateful to Dr. Manuel Molles for his highlighted summaries of the ecological aspects of each chapter.

Additional persons who read parts of the manuscripts of various editions and made many helpful criticisms and suggestions include Richard S. Demaree, Jr., Robert I. Ediger, Larry Hanne, Donald T. Kowalski, Robert B. McNairn, Patricia Parker, and Robert A. Schlising. Others whose encouragement and contributions are deeply appreciated include Isabella A. Abbott, Donald E. Brink, Jr., Gerald Carr, William F. Derr, Timothy Devine, Beverly Marcum, Robert McNulty, Paul C. Silva, Lorraine Wiley, the faculty and staff of the Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, Chico, my many inspiring students, the Lyon Arboretum of the University of Hawaii, the editorial, production, and design staffs of McGraw-Hill Publishers, and most of all, my family. Special thanks are due the artists, Denise Robertson Devine, Janet Monelo, and Sharon Stern.

Finally, the ninth edition of Introductory Plant Biology would not have been possible without the considerable feedback from the following reviewers, to whom I am indebted:

Ligia Arango, Stone Child College

Mark H. Armitage, Azusa Pacific University

Janice Asel, Mitchell Community College

Randy G. Balice, New Mexico Highlands University

Paul W. Barnes, Southwest Texas State University

Robert W. Bauman, Jr., Amarillo College

Dorothea Bedigian, Washington University

Cynthia A. Bottrell, Scott Community College

Richard R. Bounds, Mount Olive College

Richard G. Bowmer, Idaho State University

Rebecca D. Bray, Old Dominion University

James A. Brenneman, University of Evansville

George Murchie Briggs, State University of New York

Brad S. Chandler, Palo Alto College

Stephen S. Daggett, Avila College

Bill D. Davis, Rutgers University

John W. Davis, Benedictine College

Semma Dhir, Fort Valley State University

Rebecca M. DiLiddo, Mount Ida College

Susan C. Dixon, Walla Walla College

Ben L. Dolbeare, Lincoln Land Community College

Jan Federic Dudt, Bartlesville Wesleyan College

Diane Dudzinski, Washington State Community College

Kerry B. Dunbar, Dalton State College H. Herbert Edwards, Western Illinois University Inge Eley, Hudson Valley Community College Frederick B. Essig, University of South Florida G. F. Estabrook, The University of Michigan James Ethridge, Joliet Junior College Rosemary H. Ford, Washington College Stephen W. Fuller, Mary Washington College Sibdas Ghosh, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Mike Gipson, Oklahoma Christian University Charles Good, Ohio State University

Sharon Gusky, Northwestern Connecticut Community Technical College

Mark Hammer, Wayne State College

Laszlo Hansely, Northern Illinois University

Nancy E. Harris, Elon College

Jill F. Haukos, South Plains College

Peter Heywood, Brown University

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Lauren D. Howard, Norwich University

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William A. Jensen, Ohio State University

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Kaoru Kitajima, University of Florida

Roger C. Klockziem, Martin Luther College

Robert N. Kruger, Mayville State University

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Valencia Community College

Steershead (Dicentra uniflora), a diminutive relative of bleeding hearts, native to the mountains of the western United States and Canada.

Steershead (Dicentra uniflora), a diminutive relative of bleeding hearts, native to the mountains of the western United States and Canada.

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