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Plants whose leaves drop seasonally are said to be deciduous. In temperate climates, new leaves are produced in the spring and are shed in the fall, but in the tropics, the cycles coincide with wet and dry seasons rather than with temperature changes. Even evergreen trees shed their leaves; they do so a few at a time, however, so that they never have the bare look of deciduous trees in their winter condition. The process by which the leaves are shed is called abscission.

Abscission occurs as a result of changes that take place in an abscission zone near the base of the petiole of each leaf (Fig. 7.25). Sometimes the abscission zone can be seen externally as a thin band of slightly different color on the petiole. Hormones that apparently inhibit the formation of the specialized layers of cells that facilitate abscission are produced

Chapter 7

Abscission Zone Leaf
Figure 7.25 The abscission zone of a leaf.

in young leaves. As the leaf ages, hormonal changes take place, and at least two layers of cells become differentiated. Closest to the stem, the cells of the protective layer, which may be several cells deep, become coated and impregnated with fatty suberin. On the leaf side, a separation layer develops in which the cells swell, sometimes divide, and also become gelatinous. In response to any of several environmental changes (such as lowering temperatures, decreasing day lengths or light intensities, lack of adequate water, or damage to the leaf), the pectins in the middle lamella of the cells of the separation layer are broken down by enzymes. All that holds the leaf on to the stem at this point are some strands of xylem. Wind and rain then easily break the connecting strands, leaving tiny bundle scars within a leaf scar (see Fig. 6.1), and the leaf falls to the ground.

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