The nose and sinuses

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The nose may be deformed as a result of an old fracture, or enlarged, red and bulbous (rhinophyma) in the late stages of rosacea {Fig. 2.36, p. 53).

Fig. 2,34 The face as a diagnostic aid. 0 Facial telangiectasia in 69-year-old lady with CREST syndrome. E The characteristic rash of systemic lupus erythematosus.

A cone of Sight is reflected from its lower end downwards and forwards to the periphery of the drum (see Fig. 2.31 A).

The common abnormalities on inspection of the drum are acute inflammation and perforation.

Perforation Nasal Septum
Fig, 2.36 Rhinophyms as a complication of rosacea.

Destruction of the nasal septum may produce flattening of the bridge and a "saddle-nose' appearance. This is frequently Ihe result of local trauma. Other causes include Wegener's granulomatosis, congenital syphilis or nasal sniffing of cocaine. This may also produce ulceration of the nasal mucosa. Other common mucosal abnormalities include:

• Narrowing of the nose when there is chronic obstruction of the airway in childhood. When associated with mouth breathing this produces the 'adenoidal facies'.

• Widening of the nose, one of the early features of acromegaly.

Nasal polyps; these are pearly grey in colour and bleeding points can be readily identified on the nasal septum.

Infection of the frontal air sinuses may cause a headache, which characteristically reaches a peak within 2 or 3 hours of rising and then spontaneously subsides as the day proceeds. Involvement of the maxillary sinuses may stimulate toothache. A purulent nasal or postnasal discharge is often present and there may be tenderness on pressure over the affected sinus.

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