Supplementary questions

Relevant further questions will depend upon the nature of the venous problem. They may be particularly important in assessing a patient presenting with a possible pulmonary embolus (p. 122) or suspected of having a deep venous thrombosis (see Question box).

QUESTIONS - Deep venous thrombosis

Ask about:

• recent bed rest or operations (especially to the leg or pelvis)

• recent travel, especially long air flights

• previous trauma to the leg, especially long bone fractures, plaster of Paris splintage and immobilisation a pregnancy or features to suggest pelvic disease

• family history of thrombosis

■ recent central venous catheterisation injections of drugs etc. (in the upper limb),

Jn superficial thrombophlebitis, particularly if it is recurrent, questions should be directed to cover the possibility of underlying malignancy.

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