Sacroiliac joints

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There are situations where it is important to examine the sacroiliac joints, although the available clinical tests are not very reliable. Movements of these joints cannot usually be

Anatomy Human Exercises And HypertensionLaxity Tendons
is diverted to the tendon reflexes the genuine patient will not permit full extension of the leg.

demonstrated clinically. During and immediately after preg nancy, laxity of the pelvis may occur causing instability in the pelvic girdle. This may allow a small amount of movement to be detected. This diagnosis is usually clear from the symptoms and the clinical context. Pain arising from the sacroiliac joints may radiate into the buttocks and posterior thighs, but unlike sciatica, rarely extends below the knee. Local palpation over the sacroiliac joints is often unhelpful and may give rise to false positive and false negative results. Stressing the pelvis may produce buttock pain if these joints are inflamed.

Examination sequence

To stress the sacroiliac joints:

□ Ask the patient to lie prone on a firm surface and apply firm pressure with the heel of the hand over the sacrum.

□ With the patient supine, fully flex the hip and knee and, with firm pressure, adduct the thigh to stress the ipsilateral sacroiliac joint.

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