Increase In height

Gigantism is very uncommon as a feature of hyperpituitarism because of increased levels of prepubertal growth hormone. The sex hormones normally serve to close the epiphyses after puberty. In some patients with hypogonadism, the limbs continue to grow for longer than usual. Thus the sitting height of the patient {head, neck and trunk) will be considerably less than half the height of the patient measured standing. Likewise the span of the fully extended arms will cxcced the height standing or, more significantly, twice the sitting height.

In Marian's syndrome, the appearances are rather similar, the limbs being longer than appropriate to the length of the trunk- Additional features in Marian's syndrome include long slender lingers and narrow feet, a high arched palate, dislocation of the lens and sometimes dilatation of the ascending aorta, causing aortic regurgitation.

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