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The thyroid consists of two symmetrical lateral lobes joined together by a central isthmus that normally covers (he second and third tracheal rings. Occasionally, the gland may extend into the superior mediastinum, or may be entirely retrosternal. Rarely, the gland may be located along the line occupied by the thyroglossal duct. When situated near the origin on the dorsum of the tongue, it is referred to

Pretracheal Fascia
Fig. 2.46 Palpating the thyroid gland from behind.

as a lingual goitre. 'The gland is normally ensheathed by the pretracheal fascia and moves upwards on swallowing. The normal thyroid is palpable in about 50% of females and 25% of males.

Examination sequence n Inspect the neck from the front. O Look for a thyroid swelling while asking the patient to swallow a sip of water with the neck slightly extended.

□ With the patient sitting or standing, now palpate for the thyroid gland from behind (Fig. 2.46). If necessary, confirm its presence by asking the patient to swallow while still palpating over the gland.

□ Note shape, size and other characteristics of any goitre and the presence or absence of a thrill.

□ Auscultate for a thyroid bruit.

□ During the general examination look specifically for systemic features of thyroid disease {see Fig. 2.47).

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