Adsorption Thermal Unfolding

2.3.1. Protein Immobilization and Hydration

1. Protein: ribonuclease A (RNase, Sigma, Type XII A).

2. Buffer: sodium phosphate 10 mM, pH 7.0.

3. Adsorbing material: celite (Fluka, type 577, particle size <40 |im).

4. Isopiestic equilibration: at a fixed volume ratio of mixtures of water and H2SO4 (minimum 96%, analytical grade). The range of volume ratio may vary from 5 to 20%, according to standard reference tables (26).

5. Labware: a large vacuum-tight dry desiccator or, for very low hydration level, a high vacuum pump; standard Karl-Fisher automatic apparatus for water content determination.

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