Using Image Pro

The following section will describe using MediaCybernetics' Image-Pro to photograph snapshots of a field of interest using a digital camera.

1. Turn on digital camera.

2. Open Image-Pro.

3. Under "Acquire" select "Video/Digital Capture." The window (Figure 9.4) will allow you to preview and snap pictures directly from the camera.

4. Click "Start preview."

Figure 9.4 Image-Pro Plus camera settings window. The exposure times for each image acquisition can be set in this window. It is also possible to "lock" the viewed image exposure times with the taken image exposure times by checking the "lock exposure times" box.

5. Adjust the exposure time to brighten image without oversaturating digital feed (most digital camera drivers have a configuration setting to provide live saturation warnings).

6. Snap the image when you are satisfied with the previewed image.

7. Save image (a ".tiff" file format is recommended for preserving image detail).

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