Culture medium supplement B27


Supplier (Catalog no.) Concentration of stock

B27 Supplement

Invitrogen (17504-044) 50X

B27 is modification of serum-free Neurobasal medium. Its exact composition is proprietary, but a list of ingredients is given below. The reference to its composition is Brewer et al. (1993).

Components of Neurobasal B27 added: Antioxidants B27 added: Other

Linoleic acid Linolenic acid Progesterone Albumin, bovine Putrescine Selenium Insulin Transferrin


Superoxide dismutase DL-Tocopherol acetate DL-Tocopherol Glutathione (reduced)




Retinyl acetate


T3 (triiodo-1-thyronine)

Modified from Podratz et al. (2004).

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