Inulintype Fructans As Nondigestible Oligosaccharides Ndos

The enzymes that decompose starch, lactose, or sucrose cannot hydrolyze the osidic linkages in chicory inulin and oligofructose. Indeed, the specific hydrolytic activity of these enzymes is on □-(1""4) or eventually □-(1""6) linkages whereas inulin and oligofructose have almost exclusively □□(1i2) [and a very few □□(6|,,*2)] linkages. Demonstrating that inulin and oligofructose are indeed nondigestible in vivo in humans is not an easy task because measuring in vivo digestion of any substance in the stomach and small bowel is difficult. The methodologies and their results (Table 4.1) are reviewed in the next section.

4.3.1 Methodologies and Results

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