Inulin Type Fructans and Phosphate Absorption

In most studies so far reported, phosphate absorption and P serum concentration were not affected by inulin-type fructans neither in rats77,79,109,111,141-143 nor in dogs.115

However, in their publication of 1993, Ohta et al. had reported a slight (+13.5%) but significant increase (p < 0.05) in that parameter in rats fed a diet containing 15% (w/w) oligofructose.109 But, and in the same publication, these authors reported either no change or an increased phosphate absorption as well as an increased P content of femur (+19%) at a dietary oligofructose concentration of 5%. The increse in Ca absorption declined progressively with time (+13.5, +6, and +5% at day 7, 18, and 31, respectively).109

In gastrectomized rats (4-week-old male Sprague-Dawley) that were used to test for the preventing effect of oligofructose (10% w/w in diet for 10 d) on osteopenia known to occur in gastrectomized patients, a significant increase in P absorption was reported when comparing the gastrectomized rats fed the oligofructose-contain-ing diet the control sham-operated rats (89 and 76.5%, respectively or a 16% increase). But in the two groups of gastrectomized rats the absorption of P was similar (89 and 92%).131

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