1 -fold decrease of parameter as in control group

2 NS = not statistically significant

3 CHO = carbohydrates.

4 FFA = free fatty acids.

have been observed more frequently in those studies conducted in subjects with moderate hyperlipidemia (4/5 positive outcomes) than in normal lipidemic healthy volunteers (1/5 positive outcome) or in noninsulin-dependent diabetics (1/3 positive outcome). In these three categories of subjects, data (Table 11.5) show that:

• Inulin (5/8 positive outcomes) is more effective than oligofructose (1/5 positive outcome) in reducing blood cholesterol but mostly blood TAGs.

• The effect on triglyceridemia (average 19%) is larger than on cholester-olemia (average 8%).

• Both the hypotriglyceridemic and the hypocholesterolemic effects, when present, are fairly constant (average 19%; range 14-27%, and average 8%; range 8-9%, respectively).

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