Effect of Inulin Type Fructans on Lipid Parameters in Slightly Hyperlipidemic Subjects

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1. Hidaka et al. reported reductions in blood total cholesterol (8%) in a group of Japanese subjects with hyperlipidemia (20 males and 17 females) but no effect in hyperliproteinemic (Type IIa) patients (7 men and 1 women). However, in the second group, if only the responders (N = 4) were taken into account, a 11% reduction in plasma total cholesterol was observed.37

2. In a randomized crossover trial in subjects with modest hyperlipidemia, Davidson et al. showed significantly lower total (8.7%) and LDL cholesterol (14.4%) concentrations during inulin compared with placebo phases, but the authors reported no effects on HDL cholesterol or serum TAGs concentrations.38

3. In a double-blind randomized parallel study conducted in 54 middle-aged subjects with moderately raised blood lipid concentrations over a longer period than any of the previous human studies (i.e., 8 weeks compared to 3-4 weeks), inulin (10 g/d in a powdered form added to beverages, soups, cereal, etc.) had no significant effect on total LDL or HDL cholesterol or apolipoproteins B and A. However, after intervention, serum TAGs levels were significantly lower in the inulin treated group (19%) than in the control group.39


Subjects Duration (Age) (Weeks)

Men and women


5 weeks

NCEP4 step 1 diet 6 weeks


8 weeks

Inulin g/d

OFS 8 g/d (Confectioneries) OFS 8 g/d (syrup)

INU 18 g/d (chocolate bar, chocolate spread, and coffee sweetener)

Controlled INU 20 g/d 3 weeks (ice cream)

Habitual diet 3 weeks Controlled

3 weeks

Blood Blood

Cholesterol Triglycerides (Total) (TAGs)

241 mg/dl x 0.922 278 mg/dl NS

6.46 mM NS

228 mg/dl NS

4.12 mM

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