Effect of Inulin Type Fructans on Lipid Parameters in Normolipidemic Subjects

1. Luo et al. investigated effects of feeding oligofructose compared to sucrose (20 g/d in cookies for 4 weeks) in a randomized cross over design (12 males).33 No changes in serum TAGs, cholesterol, or apolipoproteins were observed in either the treatment or placebo periods, although there was a strong trend for the concentration of free fatty acids (FFA) to be reduced at the end of the oligofructose feeding period.33

2. In a rigorously designed study with adequate statistical power (doubleblind randomized cross over design in 66 young healthy women) reported by Pedersen et al., inulin (14 g/d in a low-fat spread for 4 weeks) had no effect on blood lipids.34 Although HDL cholesterol and the LDL: HDL

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