Effect of Inulin Type Fructans on Lipid Parameters in Noninsulin Dependent Diabetic Niddm Subjects

1. Administration of oligofructose in a packed coffee drink or coffee jelly for 14 d to uncontrolled diabetics (8 men and 10 women) fed a diabetic diet (55% carbohydrates, 25% fat, and 20% proteins) reduced total (8%) and LDL cholesterol (10%), compared with a control group given sucrose in the same food vehicles. No effects on other serum lipids but a decrease in blood glucose concentrations were observed.42

2. In a study with the aim to test the effects of oligofructose (15 g/d added as powder in a low-fat yogurt for 3 weeks) in noninsulin-dependent diabetic (NIDDM) subjects (n = 9 men and 11 women), no effects on blood lipids, lipoproteins, or glucose were observed.43

3. In NIDDM subjects (n = 12) oligofructose (20 g/d in habitual diet) had no effect on total or lipoprotein-bound cholesterol, plasma TAGs, hepatic glucose production, or insulin resistance.44

Data with respect to effects of inulin-type fructans on blood lipids in humans appear to be inconsistent, with reports of both positive and negative outcomes obtained from recent well-designed, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human studies.45 There appear to be no obvious differences in the sex and ages of the subjects, the dosages employed (average 13.9 ± 4.8, range 8-20 g/d), duration of treatment (average 4 ± 1.6 weeks, range 2-8 weeks), and basal levels (i.e., before the treatment started) of either cholesterol (average 4.8 ± 1, range 3.9, 6.46 mM) or TAGs (average 1.16 ± 0.4, range 0.72, 1.65 mM) in the blood, between negative and positive studies (Table 11.2, Table 11.3, and Table 11.4). However, positive outcomes

Diet Duration Subjects (Weeks)

Men and Habitual women 2 weeks (48.5 ± 7.3) N = 8/10

Men and women (586 ± 5.2) (62 ± 4.1) N = 9/11 Men and women

Habitual 3 weeks

Habitual 4 weeks

Inulin g/d

OFS 8 g/d (coffee drink, coffee jelly)

INU 15 g/d (powder to be added to yogurt)

OFS 20 g/d (powder to sweeten beverages)

Blood Blood

Cholesterol Triglycerides (Total) (TAGs)

242 mg/dl D 0.921

6.01 mM NS

5.15 mM NS

132 mg/dl NS2

2.44 mM NS

1.42 mM NS

Miscellaneous Refs

Uncontrolled diabetics Diabetic diet (55% CHO,3 25% fat, 20% proteins) Decreased blood glucose

No effect on HDL or LDL No effect on FFA4 No effect on glycemia

No effect on cholesterol in lipoproteins or in plasma glucose and insulin

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Supplements For Diabetics

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