Bronchial Asthma

The efficient treatment of asthma depends to a great extent on the empowerment of the patient, who is able to conduct regular self-observations and self-measurements. The monitoring of asthma course relies on regular measurements of airway obturation with a portable device. The appropriate preparation to self-management of asthma is based on education and training delivered by health professionals or specialised educators. This process may be considerably supplemented and enhanced with Internet-based applications. The advantage of such approach is continuous availability of the resources to the patient.

The results from feasibility studies indicate that airway obturation measurements performed by patients at home and sent via telecommunication links are reliable[17][18]. Patients with asthma usually show high acceptance for the use of telemonitoring systems and even patients without a computer background are able to use such systems properly. The systems used for remote telemonitoring by patients with asthma can be enhanced with the options supporting evidence-based medicine guidelines [36]. The appropriate modes of management incorporated in Internet applications bring opportunity for efficient guideline execution in relation to self-management as well as medical staff performance. The functionality of such system may be broadened with wireless solutions and portable devices. This is particularly important for patients who want to sustain an active professional life. The system structure may also be adjusted to the level of disease severity[13].

The range of parameters monitored in patients with asthma may exceed standard measures of pulmonary function tests. Some researchers tested the option to use continuous acoustic overnight monitoring of breath sounds as the means of evaluation of wheeze and cough in asthmatics[42]. They believe that breath sound monitoring would be more practical, cheaper and less time-consuming if performed in patients at home.

The use of telemonitoring option may be focused on a specific activity. One of the critical issues in asthma management is patients' adherence to medication regimens and systems monitoring compliance with the medication scheme were also developed[10].

General telemonitoring strategy implemented in asthma patients may be easily adapted to patients with chronic obturative pulmonary diseases. The feasibility of the telemonitoring systems (telephone-linked computer system and Internet-based systems) in long-term care delivered to these patients was tested with good results by the researchers[19][77].

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