TrueFISP Sequence

Another sequence promoted for the evaluation of Crohn's disease is the true fast imaging with steady-state precession (true-FISP) sequence, which is a completely refocused steady-state gradient echo sequence (also called balanced fast-field echo (Fig. 1).

Motion-related artifacts are minimal due to the short acquisition time, while at the same time insensitivity to intraluminal flow voids is observed due to the balanced and symmetric gradient design. The bowel wall is well visualized due to good differentiation in contrast (via positive or biphasic contrast agent) between the hypointense bowel wall and the hyperin-tense bowel lumen (Fig. 1). The true-FISP sequence is particularly good for obtaining information about extra-intestinal complications; the mesenteries are very well visualized and lymph nodes are very conspicuous with this technique. The black boundary artifact encountered with the true-FISP sequence, at fat-water interfaces, may hamper the perception of subtle thickening of the bowel wall.

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