The Future Will Genetics Indicate the Appropriate Therapy

As already described, CD manifestations may be subdivided into two main categories: penetrating Crohn's disease and non-penetrating or fibrostenotic Crohn's disease [23]. This subdivision, now formalised, was known and reported in many works [59], even if it was not univocally accepted [60]. What is interesting is that the manifestations of the disease tend not to change, even in the case of postsurgical relapse.

A recent study finally correlated the clinical manifestation with a genetic substratum (the stenosing form with the Nod2/CARD15 gene). The future might enable subdivision of CD not on the basis of clinical manifestations but on the basis of genetic features. Clinical-therapeutical implications are, theoretically, very interesting because they would allow both medical and surgical tailored therapy on the basis of the patient's individual features in an attempt to verify which groups may achieve better results from a particular determined therapeutical approach.

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