Corticosteroids have no benefit as a maintenance therapy [31]. Over the past 10 years, a newer steroid, budesonide, which showed several features that made it particularly suitable for study as a long-term anti-inflammatory agent in Crohn's disease, has generated interest. It has a high first-pass hepatic metabolism and high steroid receptor affinity. Controlled release preparations were developed that delivered high ileal concentrations of the drug taken orally to produce considerable topical anti-inflammatory activity with a decreased systemic effect [31].

The theoretical benefits of budesonide seem to be at a dose of 6 mg or greater for those who underwent resection for active ileocecal disease rather than fibro-stenotic disease. Despite this, a recent RCT has shown no benefit of therapy. In summary, corticos-

teroid use is not indicated for postoperative patients to prevent recurrence.

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