Segmental Resection of the Large Bowel

In some patients with Crohn's disease of the large bowel limited to isolated segments, a partial resection of the colon may be a reasonable solution. This method maintains the macroscopically unchanged segments of the colon and their activity regarding fluid-electrolyte balance, and also decreases the risk of episodes of gas and faecal incontinence in contrast to patients after colectomy with anastomosis. Following resection, the number of stools is approximately 2 per day, and the number of stools following colectomy with ileo-rectal anastomosis are 5 per day [32]. Segmental resection is a surgical procedure that can be allowed only in certain, selected groups of patients. Partial resection of the large bowel has a therapeutic value (low recurrence) in patients with the changes in the large bowel not exceeding 20 cm of bowel length. Patients avoid diversion, but unfortunately a risk of reoperation still exists. The risk of another resection involves 25-72% of patients. Longo et al. [33] reported that a risk of recurrence and repeated surgery corresponds to 62% of patients after 5 years following the initial surgery. A necessity of diversion in recurrences reaches only 14% of patients after a 14-year follow-up period. It the case of Crohn's disease limited to an isolated, proximal segment of large bowel, a partial resection may be a recommended surgical procedure due to a long-term disease-free and resection-free period. Numerous studies confirm the high safety of the method due to a low rate of complications [22,23]. As a guideline for the choice of effective surgical treatment: location

(right or left disease), extensiveness of the disease, patient's age, and a strength of a sphincter muscles should be considered.

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