Perforated Cancer in IBD

People with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are at greater risk for colon cancer than the general population. Four patients with bowel perforation because of carcinoma in Crohn's disease are described in the literature [61, 62]. In case of a conservative procedure such as suture of perforated intestine or drainage only or strictureplasty, stenting, biopsies of the perforated area are recommended. Prognosis of carcinoma in IBD, according to Fraschi-ni [61], is good. His patient underwent a right hemi-colectomy and was alive without recurrence or metastases at the 31-months follow-up. Prognosis of carcinoma in IBD, according to Greenstein [62], is bad. Two of his patients died because of operative complications. Our patient, who underwent laparo-scopic closure of the cecal perforation, was discharged 6 days postoperatively, but, as mentioned above, he died after a planned right hemicolectomy in his reference hospital.

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