Ocular Manifestations

Ocular manifestations include anterior uveitis, scleri-tis and episcleritis. They occur in about 5% of patients with UC; anterior uveitis is more frequent in UC whereas milder ocular manifestations are more frequent in CD. Rare ocular manifestations include scleromalacia, cataract and retinal vessel problems. Ocular complications are usually associated with active bowel disease.

Diagnosis of uveitis is made by slit-lamp examination and is found in both eyes in 50% of cases. Moreover, uveitis is more frequent in UC patients with other EIM, such as joint and skin lesions. Uveitis needs prompt treatment to avoid scarring complications. The treatment of choice is topical corticos-teroids associated with systemic corticosteroids, aza-thioprine or cyclosporine. Colectomy has been shown to induce remission of ocular disease in half the cases. The effects of sulphasalazine are discouraging while the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is limited by the risk of inducing recurrent bowel disease [55, 56].

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