Mechanisms of Action

Several mechanisms have been proposed to account for probiotic action including the antagonistic activity against pathogenic bacteria either by inhibition of adherence and translocation or by production of anti-bacterial substances such as anti-microbial pep-

Table 2. Mechanisms of action of probiotics

Inhibits pathogenic enteric bacteria Decreases luminal pH Secretes bacteriocidal proteins Colonisation resistance Blocks epithelial binding

Improves epithelial and mucosal barrier function Produces SCFA Enhances mucus production Increases barrier integrity

Alters immunoregulation

Increases IL-10 and TGFP and decreases TNF Increases IgA production tides (bacteriocins) and hydrogen peroxide. Probiotics also stimulate mucosal defence both at the level of immune and epithelial function with an increase in sIgA production, blockade of pro-inflammatory cytokines, enhancement of anti-inflammatory cytokines levels, stimulation of intestinal mucin expression and improvement of gut permeability. Finally they are able to produce nutrients of special importance to the intestine such as short-chain fatty acids and vitamins (Table 2).

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