Laparoscopic IPAA

Recently, we assisted to an increase of laparoscopic techniques in the field of gastrointestinal surgery, which also involved IPAA, whose laparoscopic practicability was shown with complications and overlapping results to the open approach [35, 36]. There are still some incontrovertible data missing about advantages of the mini-invasive approach in terms of surgical morbility, stress reduction and a faster healing process and more restricted intraabdominal adhesion formation, as data to compare open and laparo-scopic surgery are presently unsuitable [8]. A recent randomised Dutch study [37] showed a comparable life-style between the two groups of patients, but the laparoscopic operation lasts longer, has higher costs and shows no clear advantages about the use of analgesics and duration of hospitalisation. The only real advantage that is presently well documented for the laparoscopic approach is the higher cosmetic effect [36]. Further prospective evaluations are necessary to define the role of laparoscopic IPAA.

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